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 Prayer is an essential part of our personal and church life and although its power can be seen through private prayer it is also important to pray together 


candle1A variable number of people from the whole Benefice meet for approximately an hour at Rest Harrow, Church Lane, Little Leighs at 8pm, on the 1st Monday of each month. (check in diary) 

 Everyone is welcome whether or not they are church members.

There is a friendly informal atmosphere so that each person can use the time in whatever way is most comfortable for them.

This is an opportunity to pray for the work of the Churches, church members, all the people of the three villages and those in the wider world, also any situations or individuals known to us personally

There are Prayer Request Books in our churches where anyone can add their requests at any time, named or anonymous as wished. These are brought to the meetings.  We pray for the families of those who died recently and for all those housebound and suffering at home. 

We have started Home Communion visits. if you, or someone you know cannot get to church due to disability or sickness and would like to receive communion at home please let David on 01245 361475 know so it can be arranged.

Requests for prayer or transport to the meetings can also be passed to Ida Pereira at any time.

It is hoped that in the future there will be further opportunities to meet for prayer within the Benefice, possibly during the day.


 Where two or three come together in my name

there am I with them

Matthew 18 v 20   (niv)




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