contact:   Parish Administrator: Alison Bates 07957 228467
Kimberley and Ryan


We are delighted you have chosen a church for your wedding day. We’ll always be here for you, not just to help you plan your wedding day, but all the years of your marriage.

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Can we still get married in church even if we do not attend at present? 

Yes. and we are pleased you are thinking about it. We’d still love to welcome you in church before the wedding, if you are able to come along. We’d like to get to know you better and this can make the wedding day all the more meaningful.

Can we choose any church? 

because people move around more than ever before, rules are more relaxed today. You may wish to be married in the church you were baptised or where your parents married, or where you went to Sunday School and that is possible. All our three churches are very old and beautiful. Two are Grade 1 listed, one with an unusual round tower and all have aesthetically pleasing churchyards. There is more on about how connections to churches enable you to marry there.

How do we go about booking our wedding?

You will need to phone Alison Bates tel 07957228467. She will book the date and inform you about the preparations necessary.

wedding kiss

How much does a church wedding cost?

The basic cost of a wedding is £512.00.  This includes calling your banns, fees for
the minister and the statutory church fees.  Heating, organist, bells, choir and verger fees are extra. 

What are Banns of Marriage?

For wedding couples, Banns of Marriage are read out at the morning services on  three Sundays before your marriage.  It is an ancient legal tradition that asks the people of the church if there is any legal reason why you may not be married. If one or both of you, live outside the parish then Banns must legally also be called in the parish (es) where you live and a certificate issued by that parish, prior to your being able to lawfully marry.

Signing the register

 What preparation do we need to do for our wedding?

As well your coming to church services, you will be invited  for an informal get together with the vicar who will be taking your wedding service, to think together about marriage, the commitment you will make and the ceremony. Your vicar will make arrangements to meet with you, two or three times before your wedding, to talk through your service and to get to you know you a little more and will also arrange a rehearsal.

Jo and David Wedding

Here is a prayers that you might
like to pray together as you plan, and prepare,
for your wedding day.

Heavenly Father, we ask for your blessing on us as we prepare for our marriage.
 During the last weeks before the service, when there is so much to occupy our time, grant us a deepening conviction of our love for each other, and your call upon our lives. Grant us joy on our wedding day and your happiness in our future together;
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


  1. I was wondering if you had a church available to visit and would accommodate my wedding god willing on the 4th if September 2023?
    I live close by and so happy to meet you and arrange this if possible

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