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Every child is precious and special, a gift from God and we are delighted to be able to share something of your joy, to encourage you in your parenting and to enable you, and your families, to celebrate the arrival of your child.If you are thinking about Baptism then please phone to arrange for a visit.What is a baptism?In baptism, you as parents are thanking God for His gift of life, making a decision to start your child on the journey of faith and asking for God’s support.What is the difference between a baptism and a christening?They are both the same – just a different name.How old does the child have to be to be baptised?

There is no rule as to the age of baptism. Any child or adult can be baptised.

Can I choose a church for a baptism?
As a general rule, we can only Baptise children who live within the parish. If you live outside the parish boundary, and spent your childhood here, went to school here or have your family living in the parish, then it may be possible for you to have your child baptised here.

When will the baptism take place?
We usually baptise infants on the second Sunday of the month in the Little Leighs as part of the 9.30am service or at  Little Waltham on the third Sunday in the month at 11am or Great Leighs on the fourth Sunday of the month at 9.30am, subject to availability.  It is our practice to try to baptise children from just one family within a service.

How do we arrange a baptism service?
Please contact Alison on 07957 228467 and a meeting at your home can be arranged. This is to ensure that you understand the meaning of baptism, the promises you are making and the responsibilities you are undertaking.

We ask you to arrange one of these meetings even if you already have prior knowledge of baptism. Not only is it beneficial to have a refresher, but it also provides an opportunity to discuss the Christian faith further with you. A baptism leaflet and application form will be given to you at the meeting, when a suitable time and date can also be arranged.

Home Visit
A member of the congregation who lives close by will be available to visit you in your home if you wish. Visits would normally take place after the preparation session but before the baptism. This is an opportunity for you to raise any matters you may wish to discuss and to have a local contact within the church community to whom you can refer.

Noa's christening

Is it necessary for parents to attend church?
It would be very helpful if you were able to do so – for a number of reasons! Firstly,a baptism service is about welcoming your child into the family of the church and we believe it is helpful for you to get to know us, and we get to know you, and that you have a sense of belonging to the church when this service takes place. Secondly, coming along will give you an idea of the type of church we are, which will help you decide whether, or not, you want your child (and yourselves) to be part of our church family. It will also give you a general ‘feel’ of the type of service you will be inviting your family and friends along to. Thirdly, it’s always good for us (and for you) to feel as though we know each other in some small way – especially if we’re going to be involved in one of the most special days of your life. The only way a relationship can be developed is when we see each other on a regular basis.We’d like to encourage you, as your child grows older, to make use of the opportunities for them to learn more about the Christian faith through our Sunday Club / Sunday School groups.

We would encourage you to be willing to pray for your child (the prayer below may be of help to you); pray with your child; worship in Church Sunday by Sunday with your child and encourage your child to know Jesus for themselves and to become an active member of the Christian Church.

May God’s blessing rest upon you and your family at this exciting time.

  A Prayer for your child

Heavenly Father,
In your love you have called us to know you,
led us to trust you and bound our life with yours.
Surround our child with your love;
Protect our child from evil;
Fill our child with your Holy Spirit;
Receive us into the family of your Church;
Walk with us as we seek to follow Jesus
And help us to grow in the knowledge of your love.      Amen.




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