Family Services, Sunday School and Special Services

Family Services are held every 1st Sunday in the month at St John’s Church in Church Lane Little Leighs at 9.30am.
These are led by Rev Dan and/or Greg Waters and are always fun.
Children are encouraged to take part and enjoy reading from the Bible, leading the prayers and taking the collection.
Percussion instruments and role play are also used to convey the Christian message.
For small children there is a play area with colouring, Lego and many books to look at. If you wish to have your small children in the pew then we have ‘happy bags’ with books and a toy inside.
We do not mind if they move around as we welcome children of all ages.

Sunday School is held every 2nd Sunday in the month at St John’s Church in Church Lane Little Leighs at 9.30am.  
We welcome families warmly at all our churches, but these are ancient buildings not over subscribed with modern requirements.     The number of regulations and restriction on Grade 1 properties means many problems in providing modern needs.

At St John’s Little Leighs we only have a portaloo but are looking into getting proper ones soon. . We do welcome children and there is space for buggies at the back.  There is a small table and chairs and colouring and reading books There is a small step to get into the church and the entrance is a bit narrow if you have a large wheelchair.

At St Mary’s Great Leighs we have a flushing toilet and running water but there are a few steps to the door. The outside door is wide and a ramp can be provided for wheelchairs if necessary. There is room for buggies and provisions for children during the service.

At St Martin’s Little Waltham there are toilets and running water in The Barn in the churchyard. Again the outside door is wide and a permanent gentle ramp is in place .Buggies and wheelchairs can be accommodated  and families of all ages are welcomed.

If you need to find out more please contact our Administrator Alison Bates on 07957228467 or admin@littleandgreat.org.uk .

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